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Hello, my name is Sam LaValley, and I am a doodle addict.

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The Living Doodle: Turning Kid Drawings into Plush Toys
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Recent Comments
I like how she does the time and date...and I also love the things that she crosses out...
The little things like that (:

I love these...they all mean something...

My favorite is the fruit :3

I love the clash of the acidic, cheery yellow, and the bold, creepy black. Makes things stand out in a magical, eerie way. Love it.

Those are incredible! I love using ball point pens too. I don't think they get enough props, hehe :D

I want one!! This thing should travel everywhere! :D

Alice is fabulous! :DDD My first fave. I'm picky (:

These are so very pretty! :DD And deep!
Excellent (:

You make the presidents look so darling, Vincent Griffin (:

OH MY GOODNESS. These are fantastic. I personally love the one with the two little furry dudes sitting by the tree :3

Excellent :D

Just don't let this guy in on it. We'd all lose.

My little brother (he's 3) came in with my dad and they started doing the alphabet together from one of them ^_^
It was adorable.

I like how all the shadows are colored :D

The owls and fancy shapes are just lovely ^_^
And Lisa! You're so enthusiastic and hyper in all your posts!! It's awesome XD

Fantastic! There's so much awesomeness to look at!! :D

I am in awe of those who have such patience as this.

In the last one!! Perry the platypus!!

I love all the colors :D

My favorite is the last one! :D

Ouch. I can feel their beautiful pain :/

:D I love his idea of "when is doubt, turn it into an octopus."

Also, I liked watching the dates scroll like a stopwatch in the bottom right corner. He numbered every single piece.
I think the last number is 2772.

The overlapped thin lines are so intricate and pretty (:

I am obsessed with pens...

I absolutely love these. :DDDD

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Doodlers Anonymous
My previous bio made me sound like an insane child.

This shall be updated eventually...

And also, I'm a female. Just to clarify :D

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