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Hello, my name is Julia,
and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
Extraordinary Illustrations on Ordinary Objects
Drawings Right in the Middle of Something
Off the Canvas - Art on Recycled Paper and Wood
Tentalions, Dragons, & Trolls--Oh My!

Get Lost in Helen Cann's Hand-Drawn Maps
Tumblr of the Week: Snippets
Drawing the Cityscape in His Head
Tumblr of the Week: Klara Grancicova

A Beautiful Tribute: Google Illustrates Some of Steinbeck's Monumental Works
Peculiar Little Paintings
A Different Way to Doodle
Journey of a Tiny Explorer

Professional Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old
Paracosms on Paper
The Space Between
My Mom is an Airplane

Famous Floating Heads
An Attempt to Draw Everything
A Story Behind Each Drawing

Magic Monsters
Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail
LED Is The New Sharpie

Have We Met?
Member Spotlight: James Barker
Chisel Away
Dreams Are Necessary

Fan Mail, Part VII
Cut It Out
Off The Wall
Release Your Inner Child

Sea Legs
No Whitespace
Pencil Pushers Rule!
Life As I Go

A Doodler's Doodler
Featured: Morgan Blair
DA Coloring Book, Vol. 1
Artworks on Book Pages

Learn Something Every Day
Featured: Chris Piascik
Presidential Doodles Book
Giveaway: An Awesome Book!

Drawing the ABC's
Leo's Song
365 Days of Monsters
The Doodle Addict T-Shirt

Fan Mail, Part IV
Chubby Swinger Kid
I Read Hieroglyphics
A Presidential Showcase

The Winning Drawings

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