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Hello, my name is ellie kneeland, and I am a doodle addict.

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The Water Babies -- Charles Kingsley
I have yet to even read it! I am a huge proponent of buying books with covers that were clearly artistically thought out. and i despise it when they use movie covers!!!

" an octopus on roller skates..."

@Shay Gamiere...Love!
@Erica Williams...I would so pick yours!!!

i totally got lost looking at their website & forgot where i had even started! too funny!

o-my-gosh! these are incredible!...and while on the phone! i'm extremely impressed!

loving the first really confused on where the seam of the book was as obvious as it is.

wowzas!!! i freaking love it!!! you even added my super fabulous moles & noticed one of my eyes opens bigger than the other (i secretly love that)! absolutely brilliant! can't wait to receive it...but wait, how'd you get my address, sneaky pete?

i absolutely love the first one...the dark-haired woman's lips are incredibly perfect!


these are unbelievable! definitely amazing!

Many obsessions...latest is tattoos...must fill arms!

Yay Anika! We love patterns!!!

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like an octopus on roller skates

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