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Hello, my name is Mary Ruth Butterworth, and I am a doodle addict.

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Sketchbook with Rules (Kinda)
Noah Butkus' Stunningly Surreal Sci-Fi Sketches
December's Guest Contributor:Andy J. Miller
Olle Eksell was a Master Doodler

What My Daughter Wore - Sketching Tween Street Style
Biopunk - Organic Neon Doodles
An Analog Drawing Project About Personal Data
Craft Paper Dudes

Scrapbook Meets Sketchbook
Laura Janey Hodkin: Girls in Her Sketchbook
Layers of Doodles
More Illustrated Travel Journals: Анастасия Кардашова

A Monochrome Moleskine
Funny Doodles That Never Fall Flat
Javier Ordaz: Women in Black
Hop, Hop. Fashion, Baby.

Mitchell Goodrich: Seen at Miami Zine Fair
Soft Shading, Bold Contrast
Serial Doodling
Watching Over You

Simple Lines with Such Great Meaning
Neon Ghosts
New Contributor: Emily Joynton
People Paper Shapes

Inner Thoughts In Neon Pencil
Tumblr of the Week: Miss Wearer's Rainbow POP Sketchbooks
Little Boxes on the Hillside
From Doodle to Shoe!

A Watercolor Diary
Coloring Book Interview Series, #12: Muxxi
She Will Paint on ANYTHING
Blast Off to Negative Space

She's Out of This World
Tangled by Drawn Mayhem
Dark, Moody, and Moving Drawings
Magic Monsters

Spending 2.5 Hours In a Sketchbook
Tumblr of the Week: Sketchbooking with Fashion and Geometry
Our 2014 Doodle, Draw and Illustration Year in Review
Millo, Please Draw on Our City Walls, Forever and Ever.

Interstellar Drawings
Halloween Treat: Making Monsters
Coloring Book Interview Series, #8: Gizem Vural

Did Thumbelina Make These Ridiculously Small Paintings?
Hungry Artist Will Letter for Lunch
Doodles Inspired by Lyrics
Bold Shapes That Demand Your Attention

Tumblr of the Week: DERIK
Rorschach Test for Doodlers
Coloring Book Interview Series, #6: Polly Lindsay
Tumblr of the Week: Gourmet Scum

Sketchbook Pages to Get Lost In
Personal Space, What's That?
The Art of Taking Off Clothes
Everything is Connected by Drawn Lines

That's Gross, I Love It
Member Spotlight: Juan Pez
This Is Some Awesome Visual Stimuli
There's A Heavy Weight On My Shoulders

The Incredible Analog Drawing Machine
Member Spotlight: Alvaro Diaz-Rubio
Sktchy Interview: Patrick Parks
Tumblr of the Week: Scribblings

Built-in Sharpener
Oodles of Doodles
The Wonderful World of Mutants
Recent Sketchbook Doodles

Tumblr of the Week: Samer Dudels
Sonni's World
Freaky Deaky
Member Spotlight: Kerby Rosanes

Drawing Dude Rich Cali
Whiteboard + Marker + Doodles = Stop Motion Animation awesomeness!
Instagram Likes, Pt. 7
First Things First

May's Guest Contributor: Mason McFee
The Space Between
Member Spotlight: Mason McFee
Over 34,000 Doodles Live On OurDA Flickr Group!

Beautiful Walls
Mark It Up
The Daily Coffee

Member Spotlight: Anika
The Vanilla Soft-Serve Of Doodling

The Coolest Place I've Never Been
A Different Way to Doodle
A Slice of Life
Release Me

The Biggest Doodle I've Ever Seen!
Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?
Showcase #15: Bookmark Doodles
Jump for it, you pipsqueak!

All The Pretty Ladies
Keep Feeling Fascination
Going Postal
There's a Forklift in My Pencil Case

Stereographic Animated GIFs
Let's Get Nostalgic: President Doodles

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super cool!

The color combinations are awesome!

These are really cool and inspiring!

super cool and inspiring art!

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Doodlers Anonymous
I love to make art using all kinds of materials, I get a lot of inspiration from movies, cartoons, and comic books.

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