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Hello, my name is Tamara Millerick, and I am a doodle addict.

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Doodlers Anonymous
I have always been an opportunistic doodler. I am not an artist but I am starting to consider myself one. Recently I had a spiritual sort of thing occur and that is a long story but during a sojourn thru my own personal hell I found my inner artist. Now when I place my pen on the paper, a picture emerges, for better or for worse. I have reoccurring symbolism and little show off tricks. I often draw upside down and sideways and there are frequently optical illusions and faces that can be viewed differently from several different angles.

I like to use nice paper of course and micron pens and other comparable fine point pens. I use watercolor pencils or Inktense and markers and gel pens. I am a little wary of paint but maybe I will try that again. Doodlers doodle and the funnest way is to draw in my sketchbook (or anywhere) with an inexpensive ballpoint pen. The truth is...I like to buy art supplies and I am still experimenting with whatever I can grasp in my chubby little fist.

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