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Hello, my name is Anarva D.,
and I am a doodle addict.

Draw Yourself(ie) Showcase
Showcase #19
19 Faves
Doodlebomb Showcase
Showcase #13
3 Faves

October Calendar Draw Showcase
Showcase #11
7 Faves

User Faves
Professional Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old
The Many Faces of Walter White
Whiteboard + Marker + Doodles = Stop Motion Animation awesomeness!
Showcase #18: The Essential Draw

Drawn Wallpapers for the Digital Age: Art by Amaia Arrazola, #5
Mark It Up
Doodle Mashup
Over 34,000 Doodles Live On OurDA Flickr Group!

Drawn Wallpapers for the Digital Age: Art by Jim Bradshaw, #4
Hey Doodlers! Doodle for Blik
Matchbook Paintings
Ricardo's Wild Art

An Attempt to Draw Everything
The Reconstructionists
Eyewitness to Space: Over 1,500 drawings chronicling the American Space Program
The Daily Coffee

Dark Splendor
I Love Hate Mail
Winding and Weaving
A Nice Cup of Teagle

Mr (not so) Frivolous
The Magic in a Book
Superfantastic Animated GIFs
Coloring Book, Vol. 2

A Different Way to Doodle
Dollar Dollar Bills
Look Up and You'll Miss It

The Living Doodle: Turning Kid Drawings into Plush Toys
The Doodle Flix King
Dirty Car Art
The Most Versatile Woman To Ever Live

Keep Feeling Fascination
Stereographic Animated GIFs
Member Spotlight: Alice Savage
Coloring Book, Vol. 2 update

With Love from Pueyrredon Ville
Living in a Magic and Euphoric World
Instagram Likes, Pt. 3
Surreal Dreamy Drawings

Detailed Classical Portraits
Open Call / Coloring Book Vol. 2
Heart Music Video Backdrop

Chalking it Up
Do You Have Protection?
All My Pistachios

Night of the Drawn Dead
LED Is The New Sharpie
That's How She Sees Things

Abstract Pairings
The Schwarzenegger Trilogy
That's a lot of People

Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal
Repeat Pattern Repeat

Yay! The Doodlers Anonymous2012 Hand-Drawn/Illustrated Calendar!
I Melt With You
The Future is Drawn
Off The Pages

What a Beast
Ridiculous Skill
Magazine Doodles
Creatures from the Ground

Member Spotlight: Jacob Livengood
A Bit of an Embellishment
Angry Dogs
Just a Splash

Tool of Choice
Something Glorious Is About To Happen
Magic Jelly

My Kind of Folk
From Paper to Concrete
8 Days in Paris
Doodles Across the Web

Thoughts On Her Bike
Come On Baby Light My Fire
Life Is Really Funny Sometimes
You Are What You Draw

Building Blocks
We're All In This Together
Sidewalk Scribble
Lots of Black

Chisel Away
Mix and Mash
It's Pencil vs. Camera!
Take Me With You

Yelp Yack
The Making of…
Under and Over

Making the Grade
In Good Company
Member Spotlight: Laura Lea
Oh Em Gee

This is Me
Some Video Game Humor
Wall Draw Videos

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