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Hello, my name is Daphne,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Doodles in Incredible Stop-Motion
Beautiful Bedlam
Dead Can Dance

Trust me, I'm a Politician
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Fan Mail, Part I
May’s Guest Contributor: Wirrow

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Raindrops, Cats & Hearts
Owl is Love
Collaboration At Its Best

Irregular Mesh by Camila León (Process + Install)
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The Quintessential, Quirky, Compendium of Cats / A Mini-Coloring Book Featuring 28 Global Artists
When Women Laugh

Peculiar Little Paintings
Intricate Drawings on Wood
A Beautiful Tribute: Google Illustrates Some of Steinbeck's Monumental Works
Off the Canvas - Art on Recycled Paper and Wood

Bold Shapes That Demand Your Attention
Type & Time: Drawn Typewriters
Thank Heavens for Old Books
POV: The Sketchbook as a Center Point

An Uncommon Parisian
Tumblr of the Week: Gwion Christmas
Kaleidoscope to the Sky
The Woods at Play

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
Wanderlust the Muse
Something Glorious Is About To Happen
Big in Japan

I See People in the Crowd
Sketchbooks In The Wild
Winding and Weaving
Drugs Influence on Art

Sur Alert!
The Coolest Place I've Never Been
Sketchbook Envy

I Love Hate Mail
Drawn Intermission
Dinner Can Wait, Watch This!
Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail

Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming
Pretty Sweet
Thick Strokes

Bleeding Knees Can Be Fancy
The Reconstructionists
Eyewitness to Space: Over 1,500 drawings chronicling the American Space Program
The Magic in a Book

Girlie Pains
It's like the classifieds, for Etsy.
Unexpected Sketchbooks Of An Architect

Coloring Book, Vol. 2 update
Limited-Edition Wall Decals
Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture
Featured: Clemens Behr

Chisel Away
Home Is Where You Make It
Sleepy Sea
Playful Banter

Moleskine Playground
A Row of Pencils
Mama's Annual Napkin Doodle Contest
Doodled Wall

but i still lovehim.
Featured: Nate Williams

Recent Comments
The back of our front door was once filled with polaroids. We took a picture of guests and had them write a message with a sharpie on the white frame, then taped it up. Great memories caught on polaroids!

Yes! Can't wait to decal up my house-- already designated the wall space. They look awesome! Congrats again to the winners and all participants.

This is gorgeous! In love.

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