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Hello, my name is Jennifer Cailin, and I am a doodle addict.

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The first thing that came to mind is 3 babies, 4 states, 5 years! No wait...4 babies, 4 states, 7 years. Not as mathematically cool as 3,4,5, but more crazy.
I am so happy to be drawing again. I am happy I can even find a pen + paper.
It is cool to be living in this beautiful, new-to-me, artsy part of the United States.
I am one of those believers in finding your bliss, and that who you are meant to be is clear when you are a kid (I know this now. There was still a Bachelor's degree in Economics...what was that all about???).
My drawings or illustrations are mostly about reading because I think that was such a huge part of my identity as a kid. Not in an intellectual snobby way, but a Beverly Cleary, Lois Lowry sort of way. I love people who read, and I love to know what they are reading. If I see someone reading, I will do what it takes to figure out what the title is. I loved A Tree Grows in Brooklyn because of the scene where Francie gets all set up with her library trip, mints, pillow and water, to read on the fire escape for the afternoon. Perfect. I hope the drawings resonate with others who love that quiet comfort of a book-in-progress. The hypocrisy is that I haven't really read more than a few books in five years!!! My nervous system since kids has been terrible. But I am a magazine fiend. And I am compiling the ultimate reading list for when things calm down. I'd love some suggestions!

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