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Hello, my name is Ellie Ennay,
and I am a doodle addict.

Doodle Your Ride Showcase
Showcase #17
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Doodle Our Wall Showcase
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February Calendar Draw Showcase
Showcase #6
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All The News That's Fit To Draw Showcase
Showcase #5
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Balloon Doodle Showcase
Showcase #3
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Draw Your Line Showcase
Showcase #2
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Recent Comments

i love love looove pat perry!

this was a great showcase-congrats to everyone!

i'm having such a hard time with this showcase :( hopefully i get some inspiration soon!

@Alexis - it looks like markers to me :)

i'm excited to be a part of the sketchbook project this year! i haven't scanned any of my work but if any one is involved they should post their links! i'd love to see what everyone is contributing.

should host DA get-togethers, kind of like drink and draws! would be super fun.

is there a chance of maybe making a forum for people to visit and talk about where they're at? would be nice to get a ton of people together but we're all spread out.. we could set stuff up in mini-groups and take over the world, one doodle at a time!

is there a way to incorporate the facebook page? it already has people signed up to it, in a way, and shows where everyone is from. or there are some free forum sites.. hmm. is a little tough, would definitely need some moderating for safety purposes (can never be too safe!)

that last one is beyond sweet :)

i obsess over my dog, but he doesn't mind!

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Doodlers Anonymous
Born and raised in NJ, but have lived in the desert since July of 2003. I have been drawing since I was 2, received a bachelor's degree in animation, and have been working in the field since graduation.

I have 2 pet rats, a really rad boyfriend, and one of the best families someone could ask for. I also have a passionate love for anything light blue, chocolate, or penguin-related.

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