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Hello, my name is b'n'offee pi, and I am a doodle addict.

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i'm pie, metaphorically speaking. i prefer cheesecake, i like cheesecake and this is not metaphorical. i'm as sandy as a sand dune, this is balls. i'm as sandy as a sand de.
btw party is a verb...
I live by quite a few rules one of them is life is nothing with out a bad shaggy impression... if you don't know the former your life is nothing. Another one is life is pointless with out cake. I know this because never in my life have given up cake and been happy about it. Another rule is if the only thing you can think to say is 'bork bork bork!' your bored and need to go do something fast.
I just need to remind my self about something regarding fridges. What it is or whom it regards-other than fridges- is beyond me, but i do know it's important enough for me to have to remember it.

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