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Hello, my name is Liene Grinberga, and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
Inside the Sketchbook of Gabriel Picolo
Tumblr of the Week: Snippets
The Sketchbook of Julia Yellow
Coloring Book Interview Series, #2: Cherry Wynn-Williams

Extraordinary Illustrations on Ordinary Objects
Deep Dark Fears
Coloring Book Interview Series, #3: Paulo Correa
The Art of Taking Off Clothes

Inside the Sketchbook of Pat Perry
Tumblr of the Week: Hello Stranger
Intricate Hand-Drawn Flowers Direct from Olka's Sketchbooks
Pens, Paper, Colored Tape, and Stickers

Killer Drawing Video by Kim Jung Gi
The Pen Mover
July's Guest Contributor: Greg Kletsel
Change Joy

Welcome to Beautown
The Woods at Play
Sonni's World
The Daily Battles of Mu Pan

Drawing with Carly Jean Andrews
The Work of Kymia Nawabi
Color Pens Gone Wild
The Collaborations of The Yok and Sheryo Doodles
Tumblr of the Week: Emmi-Riikka Vartiainen
Revisiting Alex Eben Meyer's Sketchbook
Nice Hair Day

Professional Illustrator Collaborates with 4-Year-Old
Wonderfully Charming Drawn GIFs
Kaleidoscope to the Sky
The Beautiful Creative Process of David Engzell

Hi, How Are You
Featured Artist #21: Greg Kletsel
October's Guest Contributor: Kristopher Kotcher (aka Frenemy)
The Wonderful World of Mutants

Journey of a Tiny Explorer
Collaboration in Perfect Harmony
Oodles of Doodles
Getting Sacred with Adrian Landon Brooks

Sktchy Interview: Patrick Parks
Plunge Into the Shadows
The Space Between
Beyond the Classroom Walls

An Uncommon Parisian
From Street to Cardboard
Mark It Up
Beautiful Walls

Over 34,000 Doodles Live On OurDA Flickr Group!
Doodle Mashup
Wanderlust the Muse
An Illustrated Life

A Story Behind Each Drawing
Colorific World!
Brrrrring... Brrrrring...
An Attempt to Draw Everything

The Reconstructionists
The Daily Coffee
Dark Splendor
The Magic in a Book

Portland Travelogue
Instagram Likes, Pt. 6
Member Spotlight: Anika

Sketchbooks with Infinite Detail
Starbucks Coffee Cup Doodles
Milk-Eyed Mender
Dinner Can Wait, Watch This!

Drawn Intermission
Finger People Among Others
Mr (not so) Frivolous
Quiet Rocks

This Book Will Ignite Your Creativity
Sketchbook Envy
Collaboration Made Easy

That Certain Kind Of Stink-Face
The Coolest Place I've Never Been
A Different Way to Doodle
The Vanilla Soft-Serve Of Doodling

September's Guest Contributor:Lee Crutchley
Sunday Grins!
Unexpected Sketchbooks Of An Architect
It's like the classifieds, for Etsy.

Collaboration At Its Best
Sketchbooks In The Wild
A Wrinkle in Time
Magic Mushrooms

Dreams Are Necessary
Release Me
The Biggest Doodle I've Ever Seen!
Would you like a doodled portrait with that coffee?

This Precious Thing In My Clumsy Hands
The Living Doodle: Turning Kid Drawings into Plush Toys
Look Up and You'll Miss It
All You Gotta Do Is Repeat After Me

Dirty Car Art
Keep Feeling Fascination
There's a Forklift in My Pencil Case
Member Spotlight: Alice Savage

Stereographic Animated GIFs
Surreal Dreamy Drawings
Living in a Magic and Euphoric World
White With Fear

Detailed Classical Portraits
Milk Does A Sketchbook Good
A Case for Snail Mail

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture
A Bit of an Embellishment
Member Spotlight: Jacob Livengood

What a Beast
Ridiculous Skill
The Future is Drawn
Sketch Diaries

Winning Drawings
Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal
Girls, Girls, Girls.
A Drawn Prayer

From Sketches to Carved Coins
Invented Stories
LED Is The New Sharpie
Night of the Drawn Dead

Ema's Scrapbook
2012 Hand-Drawn Calendar
Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders

Mix and Mash
It's Pencil vs. Camera!
An Ace in the Pack
Member Spotlight: Muxxi

Sunday Grins! with Jim Bradshaw
Doodle on Cotton
Member Spotlight: Jim Kaufmann
Words to Live By

Heart Music Video Backdrop

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Amazing art!

These faces are awesome (:

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