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Hello, my name is okat,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
It was our pleasure having you. Yay! for June. Safe travels my friend.

I want to visit her dreams. They are filled with such drama and deep erotica. Good night, see you soon.

@Dawn, looking forward to seeing the results of what you create.

@Erin, an email with both wallpapers is on its way :)

I sure am. And they're already on their merry way to you. Enjoy.

We'll miss you OPPY. The totem project is a beautiful success. You turned it from concept to execution so quickly. Keep the inspiration going forever.

I'm still laughing. Thank you Jamie. Good to know I put you through the ringer.

Welcome Chris. You'll have to excuse Jamie, she's been a resident here at DA for almost a year now :)

Nice to see DA friends Lillian Liem, Anjo Bolarda and Racheal Anilyse get a well-deserved spotlight.

Wow, this is a fantastic video. Not only is she a talented artist, but she put together such a well thought-out story. Love it. Excellent execution.

This is easily one of my favorite posts. The colors and lines are bold and play so beautifully with the text. Thank you.

Damn! August went by fast. Loved having you guest post on DA, visit anytime and many, many thanks for the fun giveaway.

OPPY! It's so nice to see you visit us again with this beautiful find and entry. Come back anytime.

Thanks for the update Simon. Now how about you mail me one of these wood panel beauties :)

@May: The shirt above (as doodled by Simon) is not for sale, but you can get your hands on the DA shirt for yourself (to doodle all over) here:

Alright everybody, all good guesses but the correct answer was August 24th and here's the proof: Congrats to Madi and happy birthday to Mr Paulsen :)

Agree about the seizure warning, if only for the background noise. I also found this great video from him called "outside the box." I love the script and visuals that go along.

It's been a pleasure having you visit. We'll be sure to miss your British accent. Please stay in touch...

Her work is brilliant. I love this.

My favorite is the Moleskine spread that reads "swampy."

The screen-printed cover's texture is absolutely perfect. Well done. Thanks for my early copy :)

Happy Halloween. Forget candy! Go buy Hallowzine and get yourself a doodle treat.

Up until recently I was lucky enough to be working in a place that had a Mike Kelley piece hanging in the lobby.

"...kinda like it"? I love this! One of my favorite finds of yours Jamie. Thanks for including the pencil sketches.

And nice to meet you Mike.

Not at all. We like folks with "flare" in their writing, but now you've set up quite the precedent for yourself :)

You hit it right on the nail. Lately I've been doodling all over the return self-addressed envelopes from Netflix. It's liberating knowing I'll never see them again and neither will anyone else, except of course the postman and the Netflix staff person who receives it.

I'm seriously in love with this sketchbook. Great find Jamie. I hope Boz never stops drawing every single day.

*Deadline update: Sorry folks, but we have to move up the submission deadline to tomorrow (December 2nd) to make print schedule.

Easily one of my favorite drawn album covers is by The Shins, titled Wincing The Night Away. Check it:

We had so much fun, but more importantly the kids and parents interacted for hours with the beautiful art. Thanks again to all the participating artists.

Wow, I feel like I just took the journey with you. Beautiful work.

These shoes are priceless. I can't believe we are giving them away. Beautiful work Sam. I'm speechless...

Jim, thanks so much for this find. I just lost track of time on Tim's website. There are so many good drawings in there.

Love the dress Beatriz. My second choice would have been the mammal foot by Olivia Chancellor. Well done everyone. By far one of the strangest collection of doodles. So great.

So great. Loving the animations on his website.

Haha! This is looking great Jim. I love the process shot above with all the scribbles and notes, it's like I can see your mind spilling out everywhere. Looking forward to the final product.

OPPY! Now that's a worthy post and return to DA.

sorry, but wrong, wrong and wrong.

Winner! Congratulations Miss Laura Alvarez :) Jeremy/thinkmule created this fine piece of work. Details here:

@Johnathan McLemore: and I just thought it looked pretty :)

Yay! Thanks for playing along Mia.

Keep it going Matt and thanks for being a part of Doodlers Anonymous.

I'm up for a game of biscuit dipping any day… {flick}

So happy to have you join us Miss Rowe. Cheers to June.

I love the home page of your website. It's filled to the brim with thumbnails of color. Says a lot about your work.

I've been a fan of the Alphabet Series by Lazy Soosan for a long time, but I'm new to all the rest you mentioned. Thanks for sharing... I love the world of zines!

That was a fun afternoon Jamie. Next time... we finish the whole thing!

Did I mention that I love the visuals on the home page of their website? Perfect in every way.

Great tee, Jamie. Loving the bird, bus, and shoes.

Sorry folks, I know we are practically out of stock on the shirts. We are considering doing another print run, but it all depends how many of you would like to participate. Raise your hand if you are interested.

Let me be the first to say that it was our pleasure Miss Rowe, and quite an impressive exit with the giveaway.

Good luck readers!

These are looking great Jamie. What do you say folks? Raise your hand if you think Jamie should turn some of these into prints we can buy to hang on our walls?

I have a copy, and this is one of the best drawn collaborations I've seen executed. Congrats Lisa and good luck to all our readers on trying to win one.

Ha, I was actually lucky enough to have Marc send me a copy a while back :)

No kidding, I think I want at least half of these hanging as art prints on my wall. Nazario... I love your work.

Maria! Thanks so much for bringing this to our readers. Much luck to everyone.

So many comments. Wow. Congrats to Jenni Sparks and La Cuenta Cuentos, I'm definite you both will love the tote!

I love the peek into your journal :) Thank you.

ANORAK was going to press the same day we sent the submissions over to them and there was no time for them to double-proof the spread with us here at Doodlers Anonymous. It's obviously very unfortunate and never our intention to mis-credit anyone.

I wish we had the endurance (and were sober enough) that day to have doodled ten more nonsensical spreads like that one. Cheers.

@Ellie: It sounds to me like we should make you our global coordinator! In all seriousness though, it's a great idea for us to setup something to discover the best cities for a doodle gathering.

Anyone know of a good site online to help coordinate meetups?

@Caroline: All Blik products are designed to be removable so you can change your mind anytime and it won’t leave any goo on your wall when removed. But once removed, they cannot be re-used.

I think I've fallen in love with the drawing of the girl with the bird flying in front of her face. It's a perfect moment captured.

To better explain: "All three will have their drawings turned into wall decals. Harikrishnan, our winner with the most votes, will have his decal printed as a limited 100-piece run. As the Editor’s Picks, Michelle and Camila’s designs will be printed as a limited 50-piece run." Read more:

This is by far one of the most beautiful selections of art we've shown on DA. Nice find Jamie. I'm definitely going to buy a few of her prints on Etsy.

Forgot to mention, I also love seeing the pencil marks behind the paint color.

I love this camera, and better yet, I love this entry. So many good doodles on here.

It's now up for voting. Good luck all.

Sretan! Thanks for highlighting Paul's work. I am in love. There is so much to discover on his website. Tons of color, layers, and characters. Great find!

Wow! Sounds like 97 books I need to get my hands on. Thanks for playing along everyone. Comments are now closed. We'll pick a winner shortly.

I'd love to have them do a mural at our studio. Beautiful.

@Maria: Go to to post your Netflix Doodles.

Such a great movie for a Friday. Aaron did a great job with the sound effects and reversing the order of the story. Beautiful.

Love the process, love the outcome. You make it look so easy.

@Erica / @Hannah: Thanks for asking! We plan to have the 2012 calendar up for pre-order by mid-October. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more detailed updates over the coming weeks.

@Stephanie: Guess what? The December showcase just went live ;)

Alright folks, let me help clarify a few things. Yes, it is a coloring book, but that does not mean we want a 1,000 submissions of flowers and bears. Doodlers Anonymous has always been able to balance itself between the kid world and the adult world by embracing illustrations that are NOT necessarily tailored strictly for children. Have a look at the pages from our first coloring book to get a good idea of what we mean:

@benjamin: Hand-drawn is definitely preferred on DA.

Great find Muxxi! I love these pencil drawings by Nayoun. One of my favorite posts on DA of late, I'll be following her for sure.

Such a wonderful and dreamy world.

I'm liking the two horse heads and spiky iron. Nice project Jason, keep 'em rolling.

Loving his video series... so casual and genuine, something rarely seen in the advertising world.

I love this set of drawings, it's definitely your calling. You have to keep them going current and beyond just the Presidents in the flash cards set. Pretty please.

I agree with everything you said about the finite constraint of a mix tape. It forced each song to be the right song and in the right order. It's a long lost love for sure.

Music is most definitely my biggest prompt to draw. I'd have to say that The White Lies, Interpol, The Shins and Radiohead are staples to my drawing playlist, but recently the funked Das Racist and haunting Bob Dylan have been finding their way in as well.

@kerby: We've already sent out the coloring book 2 winning notifications back on March 31st. We are now editing and setting up the pages for the book and it should go into pre-order in the next few weeks or so.

Wow, the first image, with the blue lines, gives an incredible illusion of the sea. Hard to believe the patience and vision to create this with markers and paint.

Wow, seems like there's a slew of craft folk doing the same thing. Here's a good resource:

Wow, loving the work on their website too. All around awesome graphic design and illustration portfolio. Sweet find.

This is one of my favorite things we've ever posted on DA, period. Thanks for the find Lisa, and keep it going forever Giada, it's such an inspiration.

@Lisa: Did you know Joe's work on The Guardian is also what originally inspired our Doodle Bomb showcase and tumblr? It's true.

I want to climb pencil mountain! I'm loving her scritchy-scratchy markings on paper.

The humor in her work is fantastic and I loved her "Das Internet" set on flickr. Cool find.

I agree Sara!!! The "too-much-food-in-hands-forgot-utensils" happens to me every time and Seo captured it perfectly. I think those of us that work from home fall victim to it all too often.

Sweet find. My son would be all over this and it looks like the press helped ;) It now reads that the item is sold out... hoping he prints a few more.

Nice Lisa! So glad you re-discovered her work and posted this.

What a great find! I just got lost in this archive for hours. It\'s like looking through the drawn storyboards from a fictional Hollywood movie, only it\'s real!

Great discovery Amaia! Like the comments before me, Lili\'s work immediately inspired me to pull out my markers and just have fun.

I\'d like to thank your noisy neighbors for inspiring this lovely doodle!

WOW Amaia, this is so inspiring. You are lucky to have such talented studio mates. I've been following Conrad and Chamo's work for sometime, had no idea you were all buddies. Great to know!

@Cat Baldwin: No deadline. They are always on the lookout for illustrators.

Well deserved Ines! Thanks for submitting to our flickr group.

Welcome to Doodlers Anonymous Andy and congrats on the success of the podcast!

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