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Hello, my name is Charley Barringer, and I am a doodle addict.

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I grew up in San Marino, California & graduated from San Marino High School in 1968. A week after graduating, I started college (Pasadena City College for 2 years before transferring to UC Santa Barbara - BA with Honors in History & Religious Studies in 1972 & a J.D. from California Western School of Law in 1978) & a 28 hour per week job with the Bank of America in Pasadena.
Always had a passion to be an artist, but no real talent. Didn't let that stop me from trying, though, and during my senior year in high school, my doodling efforts began to take on more "color" and my own style of fun began to emerge. Remember, we're talking 1967-68+ and "mind expansion techniques" may have had some "influence" on many aspiring artist-doodlers!
By October of '68, my BofA job position allowed for an "opportunity" to do the assigned work and doodle at the same time. For the next 6 months, I did both and have saved all of the doodles from that period, as well as those done during my senior year of high school and ever since those more "prolific" BofA days.
Over the years, I rarely showed any of my doodles to anyone, but lately that shyness has been slowly going away. Afterall, once one gets to be a certain age, an attitude of "what the hell..." takes on more significance and that's where I find myself more and more!
As I've shown some of the doodles to more people, the reactions have been a bit better than I had always previously figured they would be. Some people would just blink, look at me, roll their eyes and that would be the end of it. Others would stare at 'em and start to "interpret" what they were seeing, which has always been the central strength, if there's any at all..., to my work along with my love for putting colors together.
Anyhow, during the BofA days, a number of my doodles, besides going through an evolution of sorts (eg.: using more & more colors as well as growing larger & maybe more "thoughtful"), were left uncolored & in a sense, unfinished.
During the past few months, I've had a lot of fun printing out some of those "unfinished" and "under-colored" works and finishing them!
Over the years, I've made many cards for birthdays, holidays and also just simply made and colored simple everyday "to do" lists. I've also copied and printed out other real art and then coloring them in or over them.
As of now, I've posted only a few of my "works" on my Facebook page (!/profile.php?id=598390565 - see older posts), although I do plan on posting some in my photos section soon & also on my Flickr site figuring what've I got to lose and that at least some of my stuff won't just simply end up in the trash after I do my final "check out"!
So, if any other doodlers, or anyone, does check out any of my stuff, I hope they're more of a turn-on than a turn-off & that some might even find them fun and even half-way decent!
Cheers to all of you fellow doodlers...
Charley, aka CB

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