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Hello, my name is Ankush,
and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
Off the Canvas - Art on Recycled Paper and Wood
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Watercolor, Baby.

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October's Guest Contributor: Kristopher Kotcher (aka Frenemy)
Primal Drawings and Falling Limbs

Recent Comments
The work is fabulous!! I am now on a fan of you Piotr!

Mossi, I am trippin!!!

you work is an act of brilliance! loved every creation of yours!! :)

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Doodlers Anonymous
I am Ankush. I am walking, sometimes running and at other times standing on crossroads in life. I am not on a journey called life but inside a maze called evolution. And I want to evolve in this single life time. I want to break all shackles, I don't know of any limits. I just want to speed my way to my destination. I am simply ignorant.

I was a tiny spark buried under the ashes. But today, I am a raging fire. My soul told me that I am neither more than a pygmy, nor less than a giant!

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