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Hello, my name is Muxxi,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Recent Comments
Tkns you all for your kool comments, may the power of doodles be with you :D

Yeahh I'm on the cover of the book :) Thanks Lisa for the package! I´ll upload some pics to my blog very soon!

Oh yeah! Best showcase ever. Congrats doodlers! :D

Wow! This is so rad!

I love his work, is fantastic!

Congrats doodle peeps, that winner card it's absolutely rad!

Gracias Hugo ;) Thanks Okat for this lovely introduction, I have a lot of splendid doodles to show this month so stay tuned my dear doodler addicts.

I like to be spontaneous, in that way I can go as far as I want, so I never plan my work unless I'm working with a client.

Nice, she is brilliant, we known each other for some time and I really fell in love with her style.

It looks so funny, amazing showcase to get involved :)

Thank you, is nice to know that you enjoyed all my posts :)

Amazing project!

Thank you Chris, this was such a good experience :)

Wow, can't wait! ♥

So good, great idea ♥

Amazing project Vincent, you make me want to draw!

Wow!! this is a wonderful showcase ::)

Wow, love the Tom Gauld's alphabet so awesome!

Thanks for the lovely invitation, you guys are the best! :)

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Doodlers Anonymous
Illustrator and graphic designer from Guatemala city, I love the sweet creatures and all the surreal stuff.

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