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Hello, my name is Renee Martinez, and I am a doodle addict.

Draw Your Dream Class Showcase
Showcase #20
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Living Life Like Good Homosapiens
Unexpected Sketchbooks Of An Architect
Sketch Diaries
Ricardo Munoz Izquierdo

Silav - Rick Baker
Colors and Crowded Faces
Mix and Mash
No Other Explanation

America's Favorite Pastime
Recent Sketchbook Doodles
Revisiting Alex Eben Meyer's Sketchbook
Bleeding Knees Can Be Fancy

Come On Baby Light My Fire
One-Thousand Drawing Project
Tumblr of the Week: Everything is Vibrating
Winding and Weaving

Jonny Hannah
One More Time, for the Cheap Seatsin the Back
Paper to Street

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