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Hello, my name is Barbara Lee,
and I am a doodle addict.

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Chisel Away
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Recent Comments
Love the cap C.

And I love those tableaus she creates with the finished sculptures.

I love her coloration. It looks like watercolor - it's so subtle. I'm envious!

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Doodlers Anonymous

I have been drawing doodles since the beginning of time (or 1968, whichever comes first). My 8th grade art teacher saw them as art, but I didnt until a group of middle school kids saw the doodles and said, Ms. Lee, if you put those on a T-shirt, theyd sell! So smart, those kids. Thanks to them, you can find my doodles for sale at

In my past profession, I was an art director with a boutique design firm in SoHo, with a specialty in typography. You can see the influence of typography and calligraphy, which I also studied, in all of my doodles.

In addition, I design and create romantic, heirloom jewelry in 18k gold and gemstones, which you can see at

I love dogs, making jewelry, my man, my son, coffee day and night, and my guitars...not necessarily in that order. You can read about all of these things at

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