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Hello, my name is Lia Stephens, and I am a doodle addict.

User Faves
The Daily Battles of Mu Pan
July's Guest Contributor: Greg Kletsel
Drawn Intermission
Paint the Town

Collabs with Boyd Shropshire
Pens, Paper, Colored Tape, and Stickers
Killer Drawing Video by Kim Jung Gi
The Pen Mover

Farewell, for now
Mr (not so) Frivolous
This Precious Thing In My Clumsy Hands
Super Sweet Jay Geurink

Anna "Wana Bo Banna" Gogusey
Questionable Characters
The Need for Something Else

David Fullarton Gallery Pics
Instagram Likes, Pt. 7
Cheese Dreams
From Street to Cardboard

An Uncommon Parisian
Do Not Bend
Life Is Really Funny Sometimes
Something Will Happen

Sketchbook Envy
The Family of Balloon Doodles
An Illustrated Daily Life
One Last Sketchbook Party!

The Effects of Too Much Television and Coffee
Sketch Diaries

Eyewitness to Space: Over 1,500 drawings chronicling the American Space Program
America's Favorite Pastime
I Saw Her Crying
Surreal Dreamy Drawings

Spontaneous Combustion
Pretty Sketchy
Heavy Color
Septemberís Guest Contributor: Monsieur Cabinet

Dinner Can Wait, Watch This!
Drawn to Sketchy Characters
From Paper to Concrete
A Far Away Place

Drawn Narration
The Ultimate Warrior
Maybe Four By Six

Sky is a Bowl
A Story Behind Each Drawing
Everyone Has A Story To Tell
Abstract Pairings

Nothing but Italy...
Making the Grade
MeloDRAWmatic, I Love You
Featured: Lauren Nassef

The Diaries of Cake
You Are What You Draw
Living Life Like Good Homosapiens

Matchbook Paintings
My Kind of Folk
Hellohead Portrait Swap
She Doesn't Even Go Here!

Dark Splendor
Look Up and You'll Miss It
Instagram Likes, Pt. 4
Moleskine 1-1

Do You Have Protection?
Texture Virus
An Attempt to Draw Everything
Untold Stories

Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal
Finger People Among Others
Sketching with Found Leaves
The Elevator Notebooks

No Need for a Clean-Up
Not Much Talk
You've Got Light in Your Eyes
Almost Chaotic

Awareness of Moment
The Bravery

Abstract Thoughts
Super Nature World
That's How She Sees Things
Big in Japan

Bleeding Knees Can Be Fancy
Member Spotlight: Matt Saunders
Fan Mail, Part V
In Transit

Quiet Rocks
Yeah Yeah, Lazy Bum
Mix and Mash
Member Spotlight: Mason McFee

Takeout Cats with Cheese & Pickles
Mark It Up
Over 34,000 Doodles Live On OurDA Flickr Group!
Wanderlust the Muse

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