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Hello, my name is Martin Barker, and I am a doodle addict.

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Martin Barker is a London-based graphic designer and artist.

A prolific painter, Martin works in acrylic, watercolour and dip pen. His paintings comprise vibrant, abstract, organic and architectural imagery. They convey a sense of narrative and a transitory quality, shifting from a whimsical and playful tone, to a more sombre one and back again. His images also express a timeless quality, encompassing a broad spectrum of themes and subjects – some based in reality, and others created solely from imagination.

Martin takes inspiration from a broad spectrum of artists and styles. His taste ranges from medieval art to computer game graphics to ancient architecture. Meanwhile, he is seeking to evolve his own style and is particularly interested in experimenting with light, describing the freedom to manipulate its character as ‘incredibly empowering.’

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