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June 2, 2011

June's Guest Contributor: Sretan Bor

One of my favorite things on DA is when we open the doors of our blog to a guest contributor. After a long break from featuring any outside writers, we finally get to welcome one for the month of June.

Many of you might remember him from an entry we posted back in February, titled Heavy Color, where we showed off his colorful ink strokes and credited him by the name of Mario Kolaric. Well, it turns out on the street he's known as Sretan Bor. He's from Zagreb, Croatia and promises to bring some fresh and exclusive content to the pages of Doodlers Anonymous this month.

You can get reacquainted with some of his work below and follow him on flickr, but most importantly welcome him to the site, as his first post will go up this week. Yay for June!

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August 10, 2010

August's Guest Contributor: Tom Hovey

My first experience of Tom Hovey was an interesting one, and that is exactly how I would describe his work, too. Our first few conversations included topics like John Prescott as a father figure, locking artists inside a cupboard, and how he thought I was a man. He is a self-proclaimed ink addict and describes his work as "beautifully, ugly people." We are excited to have him as our new guest contributor for the next month.

Help us welcome the often inappropriate and highly talented Tom Hovey. Get to know him better, in his own words.

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July 1, 2010

Giveaway: We're A Happy Family

As my guest blogging here comes to the end of its happy cycle, I cannot believe how fast this month went by and how much fun itís been posting for you DA readers. I feel lucky and glad to have been so warmly welcomed by the DA family and as a token of my gratitude, as Papa (above) suggested to me, a giveaway would be most suiting to celebrate the good times Iíve had 'round here and to thank you all for the love, generous feedback and endless bubbles of inspiration.

So speaking of families, a while back I was delighted to be invited by the super talented Estibaliz Hernandez to design a set of four cards along with another seven international artists to form the ĎWe are a happy familyí childrenís card game. It was such a great project to be involved in, I enjoyed the process so much and the end result is truly fabulous.

Read on for giveaway details Ľ

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May 24, 2010

June's Guest Contributor: Thereza Rowe

Oh oh ooooh! How thrilled are we?

Here, I'll answer that. We are exceedingly excited, and justifiably so. We have a new guest contributor, a wonderfully talented and colorful one at that.

She's a London based illustrator and graphic designer. She loves drawing and paper cutting, she daydreams a lot and drinks tons of pink milk. She has two cats, Flash and Kitty, and they are her best friends around the workspace. She is tiny red (literally) but you might also know her as Thereza Rowe.

If you want to reacquaint yourself with Thereza's work, you can visit her portfolio, her blog, or her flickr.

Now let's throw a pen-and-paper party and give Thereza the welcome she deserves. Here's looking forward to it getting messy.

February 1, 2010

February's Guest Contributor:
Jim Bradshaw

Jim Bradshaw will guest post for DA in the month of February. I could go on and introduce him to you in my own words, but I was lucky enough to discover that he can do it better than I could ever hope to, and in third person.

Jim lives in rural South Jersey. It's not all factories and jammed highways people. He has a wife, 3 kids, 2 cats and a Boston Terrier named Annabelle. During the day, he's an art director. In his real life, he draws, doodles, illustrates, carves, paints, photographs and does any other creative thing he can get his hands on. You will rarely find him without his moleskine. Drawing and doodling strange characters and made up worlds has been one of his favorites things to do since early childhood. It's not only his passion, it's his sanity.

Every word about himself is true. So many artists claim to never be without their sketchbook handy, but I don't even question that fact with Jim. His flickr site and blog are packed with spread upon spread of robots, rocket ships and odd characters. He does it daily, updates often, and fills every space with ink.

Welcome Jim, I am very much looking forward to your postings.

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January 4, 2010

January's Guest Contributor:
Dana Haim

I met Dana about four years ago through my sister. Although a bit younger than me, we shared a common interest in the creative, and for a short time, also a part-time studio space together. I quickly learned of her uncanny ability to sketch and doodle and fill the pages of every sketchbook she owns with a process and a purpose to make something beautiful.

She's currently working on her thesis project in London (an MA in textile futures) and the subject matter revolves around everything lace. I recently had the opportunity to see the pages of her studies and they very simply just made me smile. It also occurred to me that while deconstructing lace, Dana had made something I found so frilly and feminine and turned it into something new: full of color, dimension and shadows.

The following is a glimpse of some scans and photos that she could send me from her current location. We'll get more of her work and everything that inspires her over the next few weeks, as she'll be our guest blog contributor for the month of January.

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November 2, 2009

Novemberís Guest Contributor: uberkraaft

Nine years ago, uberkraaft put down his pen and pencil and joined the real world. Although a fine arts degree major and doodler from the age of three, his nine year hiatus from drawing was broken six months ago when he turned off his television and started doodling for fun again.

Now he's in love with making stuff and it shows all over his work. Get to know him and his art on flickr and twitter, as he'll be contributing to our blog for the month of November.

Oh yea, and click here to check out his drawings on bananas, guitars, envelopes and the like.

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