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Hello, my name is Ted McGrath,
and I am a doodle addict.



helen Posted Jun 4, 2009
So cooooool! Answers in doodle form. Haha, I love it. Awesome feature!

dowdyism Posted Jun 4, 2009
This is so awesome - great job!

cyd mc grath Posted Jun 4, 2009
That's my boy!

John Ericsson Posted Jun 4, 2009
Ted: What have you done with the Monitor???!!!

callie Posted Jun 4, 2009
totally, absolutely awesome!

mrjones Posted Jun 5, 2009
Wow, this work is incredible. Who puts that much work into a sketchbook! Love the answers in doodle form as well. Great feature!

Jamey Clayberg Posted Jun 5, 2009
Oh man. Beautiful stuff.

Madeleine Singson Posted Jun 5, 2009
Woot Ted!

Kyle T. Webster Posted Jun 5, 2009
Ted is fart and smunny and talented. Ted is tart and smunny and falented. Ted is smart and funny and talented.

Sweet-Lemmon Posted Jun 5, 2009
This is awesome! Way too cool!

Josh LaFayette Posted Jun 5, 2009
BAAA! So awesome!

Mackadoodle Posted Jun 5, 2009
That was an intense experience. very exciting!

jake pauls Posted Jun 5, 2009
this is awesome...does anyone have any idea what that advice is? what is TCB!?

Ulrika Linder Posted Jun 7, 2009
I love this idea with the interview!! also, you are really skilled at drawing. thankyou!

Heidi Fischbach Posted Jun 9, 2009
Awesome. And, Roberto Bolaño rocks.

JAMIE TAO Posted Jun 9, 2009
Jake, I believe TCB stands for 'taking care of business.' I had to google it myself just to make sure.

Sista Posted Jun 9, 2009
My jaw dropped and now I can't find it. This is extremely impressive work. The interview idea is GENIUS!!!

Joe desimone Posted Jun 10, 2009
brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

vicky Posted Jun 12, 2009
Fantastic! love your `mess-style`!!!

Seth Posted Jun 12, 2009
A big wow. Love what you have created here. So raw and so real.

Amy M Willis Posted Jun 18, 2009
I love the fire spitting tunnels! Nice work!

kitty Posted Jul 2, 2009

SHINED CHEN Posted Jul 3, 2009
WONDERFUL X 20000000000000000...

Miss Pralina
Miss Pralina Posted Jul 24, 2009
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice love it
its awsome !love the troublin psychedelic thoughts

Collette Abery
Collette Abery Posted Sep 9, 2009
love love love love love love them all...................

paranoidgirl Posted Sep 22, 2009
enjoyed looking at your sktechbook! cool interview!!!!

Tony Morris
Tony Morris Posted Sep 22, 2009
WoW!! Your the BOMB my man! Your pages are explosive! So full and extremely busy! I love it!! I'm inspired!! More please.

Jennifer Elain Rose
Jennifer Elain Rose Posted Nov 7, 2009
how do i favorite this

Jennifer Elain Rose
Jennifer Elain Rose Posted Nov 7, 2009
where is the effin 'asterik'

Matt Whiteman
Matt Whiteman Posted Nov 17, 2009
ONe of the greatest sketch books I have ever seen in my life time..So exciting from page to page..

chrysocolla Posted Feb 4, 2010
I wish I could pull your book off my screen and turn the pages myself - wonderful!!!!!

Naomi  James
Naomi James Posted Feb 8, 2010
cool stuff

Daria Hlazatova
Daria Hlazatova Posted Apr 1, 2010
i think i'm in love with this sketchbook!

Lisa Currie
Lisa Currie Posted May 10, 2010
this is the best sketchbook in the entire world

Saya Posted Jun 16, 2010
The Sketch book can be a gallery show by itself!

Mackenzie Ondek
Mackenzie Ondek Posted Feb 8, 2011
i want it

Catherine Slaymaker
Catherine Slaymaker Posted Feb 27, 2011
Mmm, I love the look and feel of a book that's been filled with writings, drawlings, and scraps. I can almost hear the pages turn, looking at those pics.

Absobloodylootely Posted Mar 3, 2011
loving this!

Nika Ru
Nika Ru Posted Mar 5, 2011
That is sooooo cool! Awesome job! :D

elvia montemayor
elvia montemayor Posted Mar 22, 2011
loooove it!!!

Sophia Murray
Sophia Murray Posted Apr 6, 2011
The most exciting sketchbook I've ever seen, I love it ")*

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
love your indie/psychedelic way of expression :D

Helena Gonzalez
Helena Gonzalez Posted Aug 6, 2011
I love this!!

John Stack
John Stack Posted Aug 8, 2011
quite inspiring...

Jennifer Rodgers
Jennifer Rodgers Posted Aug 22, 2011
this is the kind of art/book you want to touch, handle, and feel. amazing.

merih Posted Sep 26, 2011
hadn't seen such an awesome artbook for a long time. you made my day!! congrats:)

Laura Alice Thompson
Laura Alice Thompson Posted Dec 23, 2011
Awesome sketchbook, I could look at it for hours!

Melody Hope Stein
Melody Hope Stein Posted Dec 30, 2011
I'm going to assign this sketchbook to my drawing students to inspire and stretch them.

Katlego Posted Jan 18, 2012
GOAL: Keep yourself happy! I love your advise, and the answer to question 3 and 6. I want to be interviewed too---

Bryan Crow
Bryan Crow Posted Jan 19, 2012
very cool work. thanks.

Carolyn Flynn
Carolyn Flynn Posted Jan 20, 2012
Wow. this is awesome stuff.

Alex Summers
Alex Summers Posted Mar 23, 2012
Thanks for sharing it with us... pretty amazing! Sketchbook are truly inspirational concept of interpreting one's self.

priscila huerta
priscila huerta Posted Jun 19, 2012
thanks for the insiparation ill satrt my own sketchbook :)

aaround & aaround
aaround & aaround Posted Aug 15, 2013
so much fun

aaround & aaround
aaround & aaround Posted Aug 15, 2013
inspiring explosive creativity

tabatha jarmulowicz
tabatha jarmulowicz Posted Sep 7, 2013

bex shaw
bex shaw Posted Oct 30, 2013
Great stuff- love those packed sketchbooks..

L C Posted Jan 10, 2014
love love love

Kirsty Collins
Kirsty Collins Posted May 3, 2014
There are some brilliant illustrations in your book.

jimmy hackney
jimmy hackney Posted Mar 1, 2015
This is by far my favorite. This is what art journaling is about. Bravo my friend. I am love with this style.

Yaakov Yechial Winter
Yaakov Yechial Winter Posted May 27, 2015

adm greenballs
adm greenballs Posted Jun 5, 2015
yeah boiiiiiiiii


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Ted McGrath
By: okat
You know him for his somewhat unpolished illustrations. You know him for his distinctly imperfect line work. You know him for his frantic collages and curious humor. You know him for being a bit of a mess.

You know him for being inspiring.

Ted McGrath doodles for some big names and now he’s doodling just for us! For his feature, we tried something new and fun. We interviewed him by asking a few simple questions and he answered in true Ted form – doodles only.

Ted was also kind enough to send us an exclusive set of scans from his sketchbook, 29 of them to be exact. Did your jaw just drop? Ours did. Take a look around, click on it all, there’s no shortage of scribbles or scraps of tape around here.


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