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Hello, my name is David Fullarton,
and I am a doodle addict.

David Fullarton: Norman Rockwell allegedly once said: "If a picture's not going well, put a dog in it." Obviously this is very bad advice, especially for those of us who aren't that good at drawing dogs. But if he had said, "If a picture's not going well, write words over it." that would have been excellent advice, since words can definitely improve how a picture looks. At least in my opinion. Read on...



hugonator Posted Mar 25, 2009
"How it is" is so fucking true.

jim kaufmann Posted Mar 25, 2009
David Fullarton's work kills me every time and has for years and years. Although I regret those unfortunate comments he made about Sean Connery, still I admire his work and wish him great success in his upcoming solo at HANG Art Gallery in San Francisco starting next week EVEN THOUGH he said in a flickr posting that I was not welcome to attend.

Melanie Posted Mar 25, 2009
This work is awesome.

maura cluthe Posted Mar 25, 2009
wonderful post! great to see david's work on here. i've admired his stuff for a long time.

david: thanks for telling us a little bit about the text in your work & the process behind it. i like text, too, for many of the same reasons. keep up the brilliant work - cheers!

Kylo Posted Mar 26, 2009
I enjoy the sense of humor in his work. Good stuff.

vrno Posted Apr 6, 2009
he's a genius

Weldon Feynman Posted Apr 8, 2009
Thank God this man is an artist or he could do some real damage. Well done. Fine Man.

Julie_Gong Posted Apr 22, 2009
I've loved David's work for some time now. He creates some truly fantastic pieces...

Peter Posted May 28, 2009
I love this site - it's a little like a sketchbook created by a hitherto unknown clone of myself - my how those doodles do get around.

Paul T Posted May 30, 2009
well done but I'm seeing a bit too much borrowing from:
simon evans
tucker nichols
paul davis

look them up


JAMIE TAO Posted May 31, 2009
Point taken. But aren\'t well all influenced by others to some point?

LaconicSpace Posted Jun 9, 2009
I just blogged that

It gives me motivation to "doodler"

the rest of the site is also pretty amazing...

Jan Little
Jan Little Posted Jun 17, 2009
blerg... too good!

Gemma Austen
Gemma Austen Posted Jul 10, 2009
I love his work :)

Renee Wensel Posted Aug 24, 2009
no comment yet, i just want to know what the answer is.

Helen Birch
Helen Birch Posted Aug 28, 2009
right nice

nayoung Posted Sep 21, 2009
hello. my name is nayoung,choi.
i'm from Korea.
I am attending the graphic designer is a design company.
To see your pictures on the internet infatuation. :)
I want to buy your clothes, can I get something else in Korea?
I will always support your work.

Sharin Barber
Sharin Barber Posted Oct 7, 2009

Greta Edmondson
Greta Edmondson Posted Nov 29, 2009
Hahaha, encyclopaedic knowledge of meat. Golden.

dana haim Posted Dec 17, 2009
I love this work so much , it hits my soul in the places it loves to be hit... so inspiring , makes me want to draw in my sketchbook all day every day.... good for you David...

in arsenic
in arsenic Posted Dec 18, 2009
i love it

David Fullarton
David Fullarton Posted Dec 18, 2009
Paul T - bit to much borrowing from etc,... I know of all those artists, but it may interest you to know that I'm 47 years old, and have been doing this stuff for YEARS. It's been nice to see others finally producing work that's along similar lines to mine, and having my sensibility appreciated. But it's incredibly frustrating that people assume I'm being influenced by others simply because they are now famous and I'm not.
Oh and you forgot to mention David Shrigley.

Madeleine McClellan
Madeleine McClellan Posted Jan 16, 2010
good words I like it

Maiahi Posted Jun 4, 2010
the project (:

Benjamin Carr
Benjamin Carr Posted Jun 8, 2010
I think your work is much more interesting than
simon evans
tucker nichols
paul davis
and david shrigley too

Melissa Mackie
Melissa Mackie Posted Feb 13, 2011
I love your style..... love the shed!

Diane Marie Littlecloud
Diane Marie Littlecloud Posted Mar 12, 2011

Kel-Kel Posted Apr 9, 2011
I totally agree with the first comment :) its very true...p.s. love the art

Ashley Kay
Ashley Kay Posted Jul 3, 2011
Interesting work. I love the emotional connection to each piece, intriguing.

Sandy G
Sandy G Posted Sep 1, 2011
insane, love it!

Clare Pryke
Clare Pryke Posted Sep 29, 2011
Amazing. I love it.

Timothy Tate
Timothy Tate Posted Mar 14, 2012
Absolutely brilliant. This is nourishment for eyes and mind.

doodlebug Posted Apr 12, 2012
I love the words added makes it unique :)

Brandon Elijah Johnson
Brandon Elijah Johnson Posted May 9, 2012
These drawings make me feel like that kid must have felt riding on the dog dragon in The (original) Never Ending Story

Oscar Morkane
Oscar Morkane Posted Mar 6, 2013
brandon you on pingers m8

Oscar Morkane
Oscar Morkane Posted Mar 6, 2013
brandon you on pingers m8

cinderella victoria jay
cinderella victoria jay Posted Mar 30, 2013
nice work

Kipik Posted Jun 27, 2013
The charm of a teenager's home journal but in genius format!

Juan Pez
Juan Pez Posted Feb 2, 2014

halien witchtrials
halien witchtrials Posted Jun 7, 2014
this is the shit, i feel like i'm reading my diary
if i had a diary
which was comprised of drawings made by somebody else
or something

Kathleen Fitzhugh
Kathleen Fitzhugh Posted Jun 20, 2015
I do posses an adequate vocabulary to describe how much I love his work.

Kathleen Fitzhugh
Kathleen Fitzhugh Posted Jun 20, 2015
Actually I do not possess and adequate vocabulary but I do possess the ability to make typos. Also I still love David's work.

Alex Campion
Alex Campion Posted Sep 13, 2015
simon evans
tucker nichols
paul davis........bland, unfunny

this stuff..........awfully amusing, rarely so

he's the bukowski to their beat poets.


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Doodlers Anonymous
David Fullarton
By: okat
They say that sometimes an image is just an image, that it takes a mind to make it more. Thank goodness for the mind of David Fullarton.

With an abundance of textures, words and scribbles, David tells stories. And you can count on his stories to always be outlandish, to always make you think, "How the hell did he come up with that?" That is precisely what I asked him to explain for his feature. In his work, he pokes fun at the mundane and the shortcomings of human character. For that, we love him.

These days, David is keeping busy prepairing for his upcoming art show at Hang Art in San Francisco. It's appropriately titled "Once Again I Fail To Live Up To My Advance Publicity" and opens on April 2nd. If I were you, I'd run over there. A little offbeat humor is good for your lungs.

For his feature, David sent us over 9 never before seen pieces (until now) as an advance peak into his art show. Enjoy this and the thoughts inside of his head, in his own words.


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