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Hello, my name is ELBOW-TOE,
and I am a doodle addict.



kenny Posted Nov 17, 2008
awesome mate.... the red is a splash!

lexy Posted Nov 18, 2008
lots of movement in these. they\'re fun to look at.

Rocco Posted Nov 19, 2008
Love the commentary. So insightful, even more powerful than the doodles. You are awesome & amazing, artist & poet!

Brad Davis Posted Nov 20, 2008
Really nice, enjoyed the insights as well. pictures and text dance so sweetly.

Geoff Posted Nov 20, 2008
Have you ever considered animation? I would love to see these characters in motion.

Simon Fleming Posted Nov 21, 2008
Your work is fantastic. I love the confidence in your lines. You can almost feel the weight of these people through your images.

serkan karaca
serkan karaca Posted Nov 11, 2009
like it

seagreenfield Posted Jan 24, 2010
It's as if I met them! Brilliantly insightful work, I love it

clairenatalieanne Posted Mar 8, 2010

capriya Posted Apr 11, 2010
a lil grave but fun to look at!
really nice!
u've captured details really well...

runtiffanyrun Posted Jun 22, 2010
love the style! these are fantastic.

Dick-James Hall
Dick-James Hall Posted Jul 30, 2011
Drawings based on observation always intrigue!

E. Marz
E. Marz Posted Aug 14, 2011
sooper cool. inspiring...gonna grab my sketchbook and hop on the bus

Clare Pryke
Clare Pryke Posted Aug 21, 2011
Brilliant - really original. I love studies of real people - I was thinking it would be so amazing to have a museum of sketches of people on the London tube from over the years. Ive done loads since about 1990, mostly of sleeping or reflected people as it makes people feel uncomfortable in an overpopulated city, if you draw them directly. I think most French & Italians on the London tube actually like being drawn though, take it as a compliment & might even come & look at it/talk to you about it after if theyre not in a hurry. Im more interested in drawing people worn out from work though!

Clare Pryke
Clare Pryke Posted Aug 21, 2011
I really should get round to posting my work as its a bit rude to judge without being judged, isnt it?!

Brenda Issangya
Brenda Issangya Posted Sep 24, 2011

julia gulia
julia gulia Posted Nov 10, 2011
i love these people

a.j. villos
a.j. villos Posted Nov 12, 2011
lovely drawings! :D

len Posted Nov 17, 2011
I love your style. The words in your sketches really heighten it. I love it. I sware I'm going to through a dictionary at the next person that says words don't yield any physical power. KEEP IT UP!!

Sam LaValley
Sam LaValley Posted Feb 9, 2012
These are quite excellent...I applaud you :D

I also don't like drawing's the subjects that are important! ^_^

Matilda Manderley
Matilda Manderley Posted Mar 11, 2012
I need a holiday in your world :-) hay but nobody likes a show off ;-)

S Posted Mar 26, 2012
I love your aesthetic. Such great depth of character and such close attention to detail. Also love the choice of red/orange ink. The color often lightens the dark undertones and adds a playful dimension of sorts. Love it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

S Posted Mar 26, 2012
I love your aesthetic. Such great depth of character and such close attention to detail. Also love the choice of red/orange ink. The color often lightens the dark undertones and adds a playful dimension of sorts. Love it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Sharon Childress
Sharon Childress Posted Apr 2, 2012

tooie Posted May 15, 2012
I love these so much!! Beautiful!

Donna Duff
Donna Duff Posted Jul 15, 2012

Chamele Posted Jul 22, 2012
fascinating work! love the red

Kailee Marie VanPatten
Kailee Marie VanPatten Posted Jul 23, 2012
My goodness, I love this.

Sara Howell
Sara Howell Posted Jan 15, 2013
This set me real happy, thanks :)

Louis Netter
Louis Netter Posted Feb 27, 2013
Nicely done. Reminds me a bit of Alan E. Cober. Very fine work. Good to see you taking on the human condition. Lacking in much reportage these days. I have a similar disposition. Check it out if you like.

olgateresa gonzalez baigas
olgateresa gonzalez baigas Posted Apr 1, 2014
Fascinating characters, roaming bold lines. I love his work.

Kirsty Collins
Kirsty Collins Posted May 3, 2014
I absolutely love your work. So tactile!

JANET HOLMES Posted May 17, 2014
love the characters..........thanks

Rich A Chance
Rich A Chance Posted Sep 24, 2014
i like the facial expressions

Zie Ozasa
Zie Ozasa Posted Nov 21, 2014
I love everything about your works, Elbow-Toe. :)

Yaakov Yechial Winter
Yaakov Yechial Winter Posted May 27, 2015

julia Posted Jan 31, 2016
cool, ease of line. after all these years. looks like first post in 08- and 8 years later, still looks good


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Doodlers Anonymous
By: okat
ELBOW-TOE is the mad scientist of street art. His work is eclectic and ever evolving with content grounded in myth, symbolism and poetry.

I have always been fascinated by the direction of his art in the public spaces of Brooklyn and was therefore happy to learn that he carries a sketchbook with him on the subways of New York city.

For this awesome feature, we have 17 spreads from ELBOW-TOE's own book, all done flawlessly with a red felt pen.


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