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March 5, 2012

Art is Forever

Having worked in a tattoo shop before answering phones, cleaning tubes, making appointments, etc.. I was and still am fascinated by the sheer output each artist does in a single day. Lots of drawing, perfecting on the spot, redrawing, inking the idea on paper and then finally (once the design is approved) actually tattooing the finished product permanently onto the customer's skin. It's a process that people who don't have tattoos are in the dark about for the most part.

I met Jason Sturgill via Instagram awhile ago and we have done several projects of personal interest together. I love his ideas and how he brings artists together in really amazing circumstances. I instantly fell in love with his project "Art is Forever." I feel a connection with the idea of bringing tattoo artists, doodlers, and museums together to blur the line of art. Below is text directly from his site as well as a video that explains way better than me just what this project means and how he was actually able to pull tattooers, artists, and the Portland Art Museum together to make this one of the most memorable projects I have seen in recent memory.

From Jason's site: "Art is Forever is a project that attempts to foster a more meaningful connection between cultural institutions and its visitors. In the first version of this project several Portland artists were selected and given the opportunity to create illustrations inspired by their visits to the Portland Art Museum. These illustrations were be made available as free tattoos on a first come, first served basis throughout the entire day. From 10am until midnight, back to back tattoos were given for a total of 28 tattoos." Jason has received some interest in re-imagining this project in other cities and is actively pursuing any open opportunities that may become available. Feel free to contact him for more info and visit his website for details on the artists that participated at the Portland Art Museum.


okat Posted Mar 5, 2012
I'm liking the two horse heads and spiky iron. Nice project Jason, keep 'em rolling.

Muxxi Posted Mar 5, 2012
Amazing project!

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 5, 2012
Jason is full of amazing projects! Wish this would've happened closer to me. So many tattoo's I would love to get from this flash sheet!

Jason Sturgill
Jason Sturgill Posted Mar 6, 2012
Thanks, y'all! We'll bring Art is Forever to Arkansas soon enough, Vince! :)

Sam LaValley
Sam LaValley Posted Mar 6, 2012
I want one!! This thing should travel everywhere! :D

Larry M. Seals
Larry M. Seals Posted Mar 7, 2012
Oh I can hardly wait till this tattoo craze goes the way of bell bottoms, polyester leisure suits, and wire rim aviation sunglasses. I have stock in the very tools that will help you to erase the very garish and soon to smear ink splashes you have marred yourselves with. Fu#ktards.

Matthew Lee
Matthew Lee Posted Mar 8, 2012
Larry is hairy. Tattoo 'craze' lol

vincent griffin
vincent griffin Posted Mar 10, 2012
"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

vishnu balal
vishnu balal Posted Jun 28, 2012
Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air...... wat else


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