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December 11, 2009

DA Coloring Book, Vol. 1

This is it, it's real. In three weeks time we put together a coloring book like you've never seen before. It features the drawings of 29 artists from around the globe.

I am so proud of this project and want to thank everyone who submitted a drawing. Now you can get your hands on it and fill it in with every ounce of ink you have lying around.

See the inside and all participating artists by clicking here or buy a copy today (while supplies last).

Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book, Volume 1
32 pages printed at 8.5"x11"

Left: Welcome Letter by OKAT Right: Stacey Walker

Left: Conor Finnegan Right: Josh LaFayette

Left: Nate Williams Right: John Malta

Left: Abigail Daker Right: uberkraaft

Left: Max F. Right: Gemma Correll

Left: Tuomas Karkkainen Right: Natsuki Otani

Left: Bony Bünz Right: Simon Mills

Left: Lisa O'Hara Right: Vaughn Fender

Left: Chris Piascik Right: Kylo Coughlin

Left: Will Bryant Right: Cassie Hester

Left: Pierre Antoine Thierry Right: Liquidpig

Left: Emmi Ojala Right: Jamie Tao

Left: Laura Alvarez Right: Kate Ferguson

Left: Jolby Right: OKAT

Left: Melissa Jones Right: Hayley Warnham + Artist credits

Cover (front + back) as spread

Doodlers Anonymous Coloring Book, Volume 1

32 pages printed at 8.5"x11"


dias Posted Dec 11, 2009

Josh LaFayette
Josh LaFayette Posted Dec 11, 2009
AAAAAH!! Incredible!

lu Posted Dec 11, 2009
wow it looks fantastic! where'd you get it printed, it looks like they did a great job!

Chris Piascik
Chris Piascik Posted Dec 11, 2009

Chris Piascik
Chris Piascik Posted Dec 11, 2009

Sista Posted Dec 11, 2009
I'm running out to buy a box of crayons and markers right now.....this is incredible. Kudos to all involved!

Stephen Kissel
Stephen Kissel Posted Dec 11, 2009
It looks so good! Looks like I've found another Christmas gift for someone.... and probably myself too.

Emmi Posted Dec 11, 2009
Supercool, all the different styles and doodles - love love love it!

lapin Posted Dec 11, 2009
really cool! a shame I did not participate…

Sara Anderson
Sara Anderson Posted Dec 11, 2009
this is really marvelous :D

ines Posted Dec 11, 2009
so nice

Superduper Jason
Superduper Jason Posted Dec 11, 2009
this is wicked, wish i was in it, maybe i should make my own. Ill have the only copy.

Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez Posted Dec 12, 2009
I sooooo love it!!!

Kylo Posted Dec 12, 2009
Amazing. Thanks so much!

Jo-E Posted Dec 12, 2009
Very cool and for a great cause. Hope you do another one.

Ghaima Muttar
Ghaima Muttar Posted Dec 13, 2009
OMG.... this is AMAZING i want 1. does anyone know if the book can be shipped to the middle east specifically to DUBAI? pls say yes pls say yes.

adrian paulsen
adrian paulsen Posted Dec 13, 2009
looks awsome...

Matt Posted Dec 13, 2009
Arr! Hope you do another one!

Racheal Anilyse
Racheal Anilyse Posted Dec 14, 2009
i love it i love it i love it. DA is awesome.

i hope this happens again-because i missed this deadline.

Laura Posted Dec 14, 2009
Wow really cool and unconventionel! Nice work.

Kristina Posted Dec 14, 2009
I LOVE this! I've only just discovered your website, but I scooped one of these coloring books up right away.

Dana haim Posted Dec 14, 2009
I would love to contribute to VOLUME 2 !! it was so awesome roni, kol ha kavod.....

Kate Ferguson Posted Dec 14, 2009
Guys, this looks GORGEOUS! I'm so happy and honoured to have been a part of it and I can't wait to buy a copy :D

Lily Yadin Posted Dec 14, 2009
congratulation!The coloring book is gorgeous!
Great Christmas gift,Thank you all 29 artists from around the globe:)

David Uribe
David Uribe Posted Dec 14, 2009
Haha such a great idea! Where'd I put my crayons?

Tuomas Kärkkäinen
Tuomas Kärkkäinen Posted Dec 15, 2009
@Ghaima Muttar, I think they can be shipped anywhere in the world. I just ordered three of them to Finland.

Jannah Amin
Jannah Amin Posted Dec 15, 2009

conor finnegan Posted Dec 15, 2009
weheeyyy, i made it!! great to take part, hope it does well! i just ordered 8 (well actually it was my mum- says they'll make good stocking fillers). anywho, looks great and look forward to the second volume

Janell Hoong
Janell Hoong Posted Dec 15, 2009
So awesome, too bad it was the exam period during the submission. Hope there's another opportunity in future!

moderngirlstyle Posted Dec 15, 2009
Wow! The coloring book looks amazing! Congratulations to all the artists & to Doodles Anonymous-what a perfect holiday gift!!!!!!

dAPilgrim Posted Dec 15, 2009
awwwwwwwwwwww.. lovelyyyy!. Damn amazing.

Carolina The Doodler
Carolina The Doodler Posted Dec 15, 2009
these are grandiose! I wish I hadn't missed out on this! when will you be accepting doodles for Volume 2? I'm ready!

Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez Posted Dec 16, 2009
I ordered my copy already, so proud to be with great artists on the book!!

Emma Kidd
Emma Kidd Posted Dec 17, 2009
very, very sweet. I want, I want.

Melissa Turner
Melissa Turner Posted Dec 17, 2009
I want one!!! That is so cool :)

Glauber Genko
Glauber Genko Posted Dec 20, 2009
Yeah, that's pretty awsome!!!

Glauber Genko
Glauber Genko Posted Dec 20, 2009
Yeah, that's pretty awsome!!!

charlotte Posted Dec 22, 2009
Buying this after Christmas :D

Jim Bradshaw
Jim Bradshaw Posted Dec 22, 2009
Looks great. It was a fun and great idea. Kicking myself for letting busyness and business get in the way of participating.

Kay Tee Posted Dec 22, 2009
Just received my 2 books...and they are wonderful. I got one for my son and one for myself.

Pikaland Posted Dec 23, 2009
WHOA! This looks amazing OKAT -- I would totally bust out my niece's crayons and do a number on these lovely pages. (Wonderful work by equally lovely people, I might add.)


may chan
may chan Posted Dec 25, 2009
hey okat, when is the next colouring book? i missed the dateline too...boooohooooo :(

Laura Alvarez
Laura Alvarez Posted Dec 27, 2009
I have my copy and it's AWESOME! Really good work, guys!!

überkraaft Posted Dec 30, 2009
My copy just reached the UK - It is even better than I imagined!! Brilliant work guys :)

Here Posted Feb 9, 2010
Lol thats just awesome.

donndoodle Posted Mar 8, 2010
this is unbelievably awesome..

Tourist Posted Mar 25, 2010
Epic! Cool worx! Keep on!

Deborah Leigh
Deborah Leigh Posted Apr 6, 2010
I can't wait to get it!

Francesca Marshal
Francesca Marshal Posted Apr 13, 2010
can't wait to get my copy!

Andrés Gatti
Andrés Gatti Posted May 6, 2010
Hermoso!! Beatiful!!
I like this!!

Singlebörse Posted May 22, 2010
Great job. Just six week. Amazing

ines Posted May 31, 2010
i can't right now :(

Heather Posted Jun 1, 2010
AH! LOVE LOVE LOVE... just bought a copy so i can so my students and make one with them this summer!

Single Posted Jun 18, 2010
BÄÄÄÄÄM!!!!! really cool!!!

Urlaubsreise Posted Jun 19, 2010
The best I have seen in the last years. Amazing. And the time...

Jen Cheng
Jen Cheng Posted Jun 29, 2010
Wow. I'm tempted to buy one.:):)

DoodleAtWork Posted Sep 25, 2010
finally something for adults :)

carolroque Posted Oct 21, 2010
I like this!!

Dave Suarez
Dave Suarez Posted Oct 28, 2010
Your drawings are direct and uncustomary - that is why they are so cool to look at! Love the coloring book concept!

Chris Francz
Chris Francz Posted Nov 27, 2010
i want in for the next one

merih Posted Dec 1, 2010
im so looking forward to partecipate to the new one!

Flirter Posted Mar 28, 2011
Wow wow wow i wish I could do this

sheila arthurs
sheila arthurs Posted Jun 19, 2011
fantastic idea, well done to all who contributed, tell us if you do it again!

Hannah G.
Hannah G. Posted Jun 22, 2011
Oh my goodness! This is AWESOME. What a great idea!

Kathy Lacy
Kathy Lacy Posted Jul 12, 2011
This would be great for my grandbabies. I will submit for the next one. Can't wait!

Helena Gonzalez
Helena Gonzalez Posted Aug 6, 2011
This is one of the better proyects I have ever seen!! It is a fantastic idea! Awsome! I have ordered 3 books. I am eager to have them. Beautiful gift! If you do it again I would love to contribute!

Peter Welschy
Peter Welschy Posted Aug 19, 2011
I love it , thats great !!!

Penny Lewin-Hetherington
Penny Lewin-Hetherington Posted Sep 1, 2011
Wow what a grand idea...hope there are more projects like this!

Kelly Marshall
Kelly Marshall Posted Sep 29, 2011
I want this, its amazing!

lena Posted Oct 2, 2011
aww this is awesome.

Thomas Posted Nov 14, 2011
Awesom, Guys!!! You made my day! It will be the best present my girlfriend ever got. Thanks a lot and greetings from Berlin ;-)

Tin Lubat
Tin Lubat Posted Jan 13, 2012
wow..i wanted so much to become part of this!

Katlego Posted Jan 18, 2012
This is awesome, clever- my goal is to be featured in the next big project...and greetings from South Africa.

sandra katrina eglinton
sandra katrina eglinton Posted Feb 6, 2012

Morris Burns
Morris Burns Posted Feb 22, 2012
can I add a "WHAAAAAAAAAT?@?" too awesome..smh where have i been??

Laura Amezquita
Laura Amezquita Posted May 31, 2012

Eric german
Eric german Posted Jul 17, 2012
nice. can you share who you had publish / print this for you?


anne dickinson
anne dickinson Posted Aug 4, 2012
this book looks so cool..

Taylor Restivo
Taylor Restivo Posted Aug 15, 2012
Crazy Cool! I have to get one for my nephew and maybe an extra for myself lol


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