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December 12, 2008

Giveaway: A Year Subscription

As Kate would say, "HOLY CRAP. What Did You Buy Today delivered to your front door EVERY MONTH... FOR A YEAR!"

That's right. This is the simplest and biggest giveaway yet on DA. What better time of year than now? A present to you from Kate Bingaman-Burt with a little special something from Doodlers Anonymous. This giveaway values at a little over $48 dollars and is yours for simply leaving a comment below answering: What was your favorite purchase in 2008?

Comments will stay open for 72 hours (it ends Monday @ 6pm est) and then we'll randomly draw a name from the hat. For those of you that want extra credit, doodle your answer and email it to:
editor {at} doodlersanonymous {dot} com

Oh and if you are fond of these kind of giveaways, be notified of the next one by subscribing to our RSS or twitter feed.

UPDATE: Amazing! 133 of you told us what your favorite purchase of 2008 was and we'll be drawing from the hat tomorrow. Good luck everyone.


daniellexo Posted Dec 12, 2008
Favorite purchase, that's easy & cheesy! My wedding band.

lottie Posted Dec 12, 2008
hand made chocolates from hotel chocolat!

Patrick Miller Posted Dec 12, 2008
A Baby!

marie Posted Dec 12, 2008
ummmmmmmmmmm...pretty gold shoes. make my feet look like unicorn hooves.

bv Posted Dec 12, 2008

Becky Posted Dec 12, 2008
My iPod Nano, hands down. My first iPod was stolen by a car window-smasher last January, in the middle of my darkest financial times. But from bad times comes good ... the gas crisis forced me to start riding the bus; my financial difficulties forced me to be smarter about money; and the monotony of the bus ride encouraged me to save and budget my pennies for my Nano.

I went from being in my car 3 hours a day to zero. My financial diet made me a smarter human. And the Nano, well. It's just a happy little extravagance that is hard-earned and hard-won and more appreciated that any gizmo that came before.


PS a close second, of course, is my "Love Your Money" print bought on Etsy from a certain someone!

Sam Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase this year was the Eileen Fisher sweater I bought for my birthday.

dudeasincool Posted Dec 12, 2008
Wilson K-Factor Tennis Racquet.

Kristen Ley Posted Dec 12, 2008
I would have to say my favorite purchase over the entire year was a holiday themed, long john, adult sized, cotton onsie from Target.

Olivia Posted Dec 12, 2008
$5 tweed pants at going-out-of-sale Meryvns. I love them!

james cooper Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase was all the beer I bought for the launch party of my very own magazine: Celebrity Ping Pong.

michelle Jacobs Posted Dec 12, 2008
Hi my favorite purchase this year is my G-Star wool coat!! I love it, its warm and i think i look pretty good in it!!!! :O)

Dave Posted Dec 12, 2008
I'd have to say a new roof for the house.

Zach Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase this year was my bodum french press!

Manza Posted Dec 12, 2008
Definitely, my MacBook. But my excitement only lasted 6 months until a newer version showed up...

Chelsea Posted Dec 12, 2008
Frye boots!!

klay Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase this year was the Nikki McClure 2008 Calendar.

abi whitehouse Posted Dec 12, 2008
all the cardboard boxes i have. because i can make a massive spaceship..and put tinfoil on it..yes

Blythe King Posted Dec 12, 2008
I bought a room full of vintage fabric equal to 800 pounds, which measures about 2400 yards.

Scott Posted Dec 12, 2008
My iPod touch at the beginning of 2008.

Molly Double-U Posted Dec 12, 2008
the halloween costumes i bought for my family's two wiener dogs! actually... now they are year round costumes.

Sarah Posted Dec 12, 2008
My first Moleskine! :)

Stephen Posted Dec 12, 2008
Definitely my Timbuk2 bag, such a great replacement for my bag that was falling apart.

laura liz Posted Dec 12, 2008
My Will Bryant nice people, cool things shirt

Robin Briggs Posted Dec 12, 2008
Jeans that fit. REALLY fit. And make me look good from behind.

april Posted Dec 12, 2008
my favorite purchase, and by FAR the most expensive one, was tuition for my first semester of grad school! i quit my 10-year career in advertising to get a master's degree in clinical psychology. no purchase, even my shiniest pair of shoes, has made me happier. well, my cat might have, but that was 1996. :>

Nick Posted Dec 12, 2008
A plane ticket to New York for the best 5 1/2 days of 2008

meghan Posted Dec 12, 2008
hmmm... maybe my new desk... or big white futon... i hope to have better purchases in 2009... these aren\'t very exciting!

Antelope Baby Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase of the year? Easy. 2008 was the year I bought my first house AND it's in beautiful Portland Oregon. By far, my very favorite purchase this year.

Kevin Posted Dec 12, 2008
I invested everything I have in Barack Obama memorabilia.

Brian Posted Dec 12, 2008
Two wheels and little peddle power to get me almost everywhere I go.

Delphine Posted Dec 12, 2008
A plane ticket to New York City.

Sean Sader Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase in 2008 was my student fees.

Tony Posted Dec 12, 2008
My subscription to Good Magazine.

Hannah Margolin Posted Dec 12, 2008
My Diva Cup! It has changed my life! I'm no longer contributing to landfill waste as much, and it's terribly comfortable, not to mention free of bleach and carcinogens. Hurrah! Plus, my body and are becoming better friends, always a nice benefit.

Second would be all the jewelry-making supplies I've purchased from etsy. I'm overwhelmed with anticipatory excitement about all the things I can make!

Ethan Posted Dec 12, 2008
I bought an awesome jacket for biking (waterproof, keeps rain off my butt), and I'm still wearing it in December, even though it's not so warm and I stopped biking (because of the snow). So, yeah, I like it lots.

Liz Kuball Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase of the year was Stephanie Cinelli's photograph You Are Important. I wrote about it">here, and my enthusiasm for the photograph hasn't worn off one bit since then. It's perfect.

James Allen Posted Dec 12, 2008
I bought a 30 year old Schwinn road bike in mint condition for $150. Made we weep.

Patrick Posted Dec 12, 2008
My first giant ink jet printer!

sarah Posted Dec 12, 2008
plane ticket to europe!

Francina Sanders Posted Dec 12, 2008
Perfectly ripe, sweet, bright orange satsuma mandarins from the Farmer's Market - just like the ones that grew on my grandfather's tree in south Georgia. They taste like my childhood.

Meredith Posted Dec 12, 2008
A tiny Austrian wool dress for my daughter, by way of the neighborhood thrift store.

Benjamin Harvey Posted Dec 12, 2008
Various Kate Bingaman-Burt goodies at her studio sale

daniel Saxton Posted Dec 12, 2008
2 dark twisted prints for a small gallery in Berlin

sarahelizabeth Posted Dec 12, 2008
I bought my first home this year!!!!

chrys Posted Dec 12, 2008
After thirty seven years of looking, I also bought a home. Seemed like a good time finally...

ali Posted Dec 12, 2008
I bought a lawnmower with my partner. It was our first big purchase together and it means I don't have to get ripped off by the sleazy gardening guy any more!

Lee Posted Dec 12, 2008
a kitten! even though she acts like she hates me most of the time... she's still the best. second place would probably be my spinning wheel.

Kyle Posted Dec 12, 2008
Mike Perry's book: Hand Job

Alyssa Critt Posted Dec 12, 2008
My own apartment! (well, I'm renting but it still costing a butt-load so it counts!)
I love living by myself (: I can spread all my yarn and paper and other craft-making things EVERYWHERE yesssssssss

emily walsh Posted Dec 12, 2008
My favorite purchase was definitely a couple five year diaries for my friends and one for myself.

Rita Posted Dec 12, 2008
Tickets to Bumbershoot!

Carrie Posted Dec 12, 2008
oh, EASY! My OYSTER pass to ride the tube on my 9-day trip to London in October! What fun!

Samantha Stone Posted Dec 12, 2008
my favorite was on september 8th 2008 of the walter benjamin \"art in the age of mechanical reproduction\" shirt!

nichole Posted Dec 12, 2008
my favorite purchase? well i think i have two of them. a double wide cat scratcher from trader joes for my favorite kitty & my canon scanner.

jane Posted Dec 12, 2008
favorite purchase would have to be a toss up between my purple rabbit and the handmade nation book.

Nadine Haalboom Posted Dec 12, 2008
A marc jacob's coat! I got an amazing deal!

Andrew Le Posted Dec 12, 2008
Common Projects shoes.

kari Posted Dec 12, 2008
This is tough! I think my favorite purchase would be our iMac and Photoshop classes for me.

Michael Kline Posted Dec 12, 2008
My fave? A woolrich corduroy shirt/jacket. Burgundy. :)

taryn hipp Posted Dec 12, 2008
my favorite purchase in 2008 was my new french press. what? i'm easily pleased.

Janell Posted Dec 12, 2008
A pastries and cake baking book for my mom's birthday. She loved it!!

Netfuel Posted Dec 13, 2008
My back shaver extension from and my iPhone. Both have saved me on multiple ocasions.

Tiffany Posted Dec 13, 2008
I love her drawings so getting a year of the zine would rock. :)

Man, how do I choose ONE item? I would say my favorite is Elsie Flannigan's online class (which still in progress now). Lots of fun, inspiration, creativity etc. :)

lucklys Posted Dec 13, 2008
oh how awesome!

my favorite all time purchase of this year would have to be my very first digital SLR. i've always had to put up with the little pocket-size point and shoots with the crappy resolutions and tiny pixels. wanting to be a photographer someday, and even now taking an online course, the $1,400 investment was well worth it, even if it means that all that money can no longer be used for a vacation. the best thing about it, is that my boyfriend actually suggested we use up the saved money for "something special" for me. so if i had to pick one thing (and boy am i!) i would have to say my digital Canon SLR Rebel XSi (450D) with the 35-55mm wide lens and 75-300 telephoto lens was my best purchase this year.

good thing i didn't buy that macbook pro this year...definitely woulda been a toss up :)

Alan Posted Dec 13, 2008
Best purchase of 2008?...hands down my 30 gallon freshwater aquarium!

Marcella Posted Dec 13, 2008
Plane tickets for me and my best friend to fly to Boston THE SAME DAY WE BOUGHT THEM! We wanted to see the jellyfish exhibit in the New England aquarium so badly that we bought the cheapest tickets imaginable and slept in the airport all weekend. It was amazing.

kita Posted Dec 13, 2008
Every purchase I made on my first trip to europe.

tze Posted Dec 13, 2008
My favourite purchase... My fujifilm instax mini! It's like a polaroid that takes credit card sized photos.. I got it while on an overseas exchange in Newcastle, Australia, and took snaps of all the amazing people that I've met, and will miss. Good times, good memories (:

Jeremy Posted Dec 13, 2008
i would say my favorite purchase this year have to be the etch-a-sketch toy for only SGD$2! woots!

kath Posted Dec 13, 2008
can't pick one thing so here's a couple - some new knitting needles & a stash of wool so I can make more presents (toys) for my friends & family's kids & my 'sticky' zine store subscription so each month I get a surprise pack of new zines to read

ste.muzz Posted Dec 13, 2008
i got some really good weed off this guy, i smoked it and beat my high score on nintendo.

You know thats a good deal.

candice Posted Dec 13, 2008
My favorite purchase of the year was a photo taken of me and my 90 year old grandmother at the Long Beach Aquarium on one of our dates. The photoshopped a clownfish so it looked like little Nemo was sitting in the palm of her hand.

Addis Posted Dec 13, 2008
The Raymond Weil Freelancer watch I got my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend.

lammy Posted Dec 13, 2008
i bought a moleskine sketch book that inspired me to doodle every single day. I've never used up a sketch book the way i did with this one. i love it. I couldn't get away from it.

Vairi Posted Dec 13, 2008
This is hard. Very hard. I'm one of those people who gets bored with new purchases after about 3 days and has to buy something else to replace it. Unsurprisingly, I am getting myself into some rather ridiculous debt. :(

Pretty much every day, I wonder how I lived without my iPhone, but that's a pretty unoriginal answer, isn't it? Instead, I guess I'll choose all the lovely fashion magazines I've bought, especially Lula. Endless hours of amusement, especially when coupled with a big mug of tea and something to snuggle up in.

Jack Posted Dec 13, 2008
A Seb Lester print!

diane mead Posted Dec 13, 2008

dowdyism Posted Dec 13, 2008
My Lime Green Lamy Safari was tops!

Cannon Pearson Posted Dec 13, 2008
Lamy Vista EF. I have nicer pens, but this is the one that gets used.

Bella Posted Dec 13, 2008
A ticket to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam!!!! :D

allison Posted Dec 13, 2008
Notebooks for my students!

maartje Posted Dec 13, 2008
My little oven! Now I'm finally able to make my own cupcakes :)

Ronni Designing Fairy Posted Dec 13, 2008
Favorite purchase: my moleskin datebook. I'd be lost without it. I add doodles, words and stickers alongside my to do's.

MamaBlanks Posted Dec 13, 2008
I bought a huge pack of felt-tip pens--it has every color, including some that I'd never seen before. :)

BENN Posted Dec 13, 2008
My moleskine

Katatonic28 Posted Dec 13, 2008
Cheapo-yet-funky-cool lime green and black eyeglass frames while teaching and traveling this summer in South Korea.

Annie Posted Dec 13, 2008
An Adana 5x3 letterpress and some brand new, shiny lead type (Centaur, 18 pt.).

Claire Posted Dec 13, 2008
A guinea pig, named Poco for my son Jack.

Sean Galey Posted Dec 13, 2008
My all time favorite buy this year: the two times that I had to buy hair extensions with (multiple) cat brushes... at the same time. So awkward standing in line.

Tara Diane Posted Dec 13, 2008
A really cool vintage coat rack!

Karalyn Posted Dec 13, 2008
My Computer, I dont know what I would do without it

Thereza Posted Dec 13, 2008
probably my iphone :)

angela duncan Posted Dec 13, 2008
a 2005 blue honda civic! my first "grownup" car, aka... one that works :)

T. Budnik Posted Dec 13, 2008
My favorite purchase in 2008 was my L.L. Bean down jacket for two reasons: 1) I had the money to buy it (I got a real job in '08!) and 2) I'm in a geographic location where it gets cold enough to wear it (I also moved in '08)!

Laura Posted Dec 13, 2008
A red plaid thermos I found at a thrift store for $1.50 to add to my collection.

olivia Posted Dec 13, 2008
Definitely tuition for art school. Followed by many, many purchases of paper and art supplies.

Kate Posted Dec 13, 2008
Woody Hutson - the newest member of my family and the most rambunctious 9 month old yellow lab I've ever met.

I made a lot of other crazy-awesome purchases (like an inexpensive yet amazing Ikea shelf for my book collection, and my almighty 20inch iMac) .. but my new brother-pup definitely outweighs the others in terms of happiness exchanged. We adopted him from a shelter and are teaching him what it's like to be loved - something his former owners never showed him.

stephanie Posted Dec 13, 2008
some swedish textiles while i was abroad, oh they're great!

Cesar E. Posted Dec 13, 2008
Favorite purchase would have to be my laptop. Now I can go anywhere and still get to go on my favorite blogs.

Good luck to everyone and Happy Holidays!

ju Posted Dec 13, 2008
plane tickets to places

ann Posted Dec 13, 2008
hmm.. thats a pretty tough question! i would say my favorite purchase was a HUGE (used) miffy/nintje alarm clock... seriously, the thing is like a foot tall.

Miz Katie Posted Dec 13, 2008
Online art classes with Suzi Blu. It opened me up to possibility.

Stacey Posted Dec 13, 2008
My favorite purchase of this year is my iphone! Love it.

regina Posted Dec 13, 2008
Without a doubt, my laptop. Yay for mobility! :)

mora caitlin Posted Dec 13, 2008
My video camera has been so useful. I never imagined a my creativity would expand so far with the addition of just one tool. My best purchase of the last five years probably.

JESSICA ATKINSON Posted Dec 14, 2008
My black leather & canvas lace-up flat dress shoes on sale in Copenhagen!

jessica ann Posted Dec 14, 2008
Paying for the frames for my thesis show. It felt fantastic to see them framed up ... they look fantastic. The frames were fantastically priced. One of them sold = fantastic. All around--fantastic.

Crissi Posted Dec 14, 2008
My favourite purchase for 2008 was metres of fabric featuring flowers and vegetables to make my first ever quilt. It was in the closing down sale of a local fabric store so half price, and restoring confidence in my ability to finish something!

judy Shreve Posted Dec 14, 2008
2008 Chocolate Mini Cooper Clubman - oh so much fun!

Kayla Posted Dec 14, 2008
My MacBook that will hopefully last me through college!

Meredith Posted Dec 14, 2008
It's a close tie between my MacBook and the owl scrabble tile pendant I bought on Etsy. I'd probably have to let the Mac win since it is by far the most usable.

Sophie Posted Dec 14, 2008
My best buy of the Year was a Wispa bar. Seriously. I was addicted to Cadbury's Chocolat Wispa bars when I was younger and they stopped selling them. Recently they started stocking them again at my local sweet shop and I was so happy I almost wept.

Lauren Posted Dec 14, 2008
I think the best gift I bought is birthday gift for my uncle-iPhone 3G.
It costs me a lot on my salary level. But my uncle is really happy.
I glad that I made the right choice to give him that for
his birthday. I'm very happy ^O^

Troy Posted Dec 14, 2008
This year the best I bought is very nice Red Bluetooth.
It is very nice to give my gir/friend for her birthday gifts. It's very convenient and you could talk long to wear that. :)

Vicky Posted Dec 14, 2008
An old Polaroid SX-70 from eBay. I thought if I was only going to have film for a limited time I should really make the most of it with a better camera :)

Amanda Benson Posted Dec 14, 2008
Fuzzy FUZZY hat with flaps and is pretty pretty plaid. Only $10 and got it just in time for the snow!

Durtin Posted Dec 14, 2008
So happy when I decided to get a journal and _hw t drw cmic bks-, but topped that when, for my golden b-day present to myself, finally bought my first 'lectric guitar and portable amp to hear the musical sounds I made. Sad story, guitar & lil' speaker need fixin' and, haven't made a comic yet.

Cal Posted Dec 14, 2008
A low-doc homeloan ;-)

lain Posted Dec 15, 2008
A new puppy! It's weird to think of him as a purchase, but I guess we did buy him...

Kelly F. Posted Dec 15, 2008
Lithography supplies!!!

Hugh Posted Dec 15, 2008
Dipers on Black Friday. Japanese raw denim.

Malinda L Posted Dec 15, 2008
this is a super cool give away! thanks for having us over for a visit!

my favorite purchase this year... I actually have two and they are going to make me sound super pretentious, but I can't help it 'cause they are my favorites...

1) the ISO50 (Scott Hansen) "Progress" poster from the Obama campaign
2) the last 50 dollar donation that got me a "Obama Biden Nov 4" T-shirt.

For reals - I know - I sound like a political junkie, but I have NEVER EVER been involved in politics before this year. *period* And am so proud and happy after the last election.

Catherine L Mommsen Posted Dec 15, 2008
My favorite purchase was an art doll from this (Ikon of the Lost Tribes) from an indie artist from Tennessee. Awesome and I love her!

emily Posted Dec 15, 2008
a perfect condition used fender strat for our almost 13 y/o son...right before my husband was laid off 2 weeks ago...

Karen Posted Dec 15, 2008
My favorite purchase of 2008 would probably be my webcam. I love being able to keep in touch with my long distance boyfriend. :)

Jason Posted Dec 15, 2008
A surly karate monkey frame.

PrairiePoppins Posted Dec 15, 2008
A plane ticket to Europe. Like getting to rub the genie's lamp and he didn't say, "No more wishing for more wishes, either".

Megan Posted Dec 15, 2008
My LOMO FISHEYE camera!!!!

stephanie Posted Dec 15, 2008
my new laptop =)

Kimberly Posted Dec 15, 2008
The best purchase I made this year would be my circle scarf from American Apparel. it can be worn about a million different ways, keeps my neck and ears warm in the frigid temperatures of Northern Indiana, and is sweat shop free! Perfection!

monse Posted Dec 15, 2008
Marian Bantjes "design ignites change" poster. It's beautiful!

DA-hugo Posted Dec 15, 2008
Thanks to everyone for entering! We will randomly choose our winner in the coming days. Good luck!

yifot Posted Dec 15, 2008
My favorite purchase for 2008 was a harvey kitel look a like mask, wore it on my first date and got lucky! Haha! Who knew Harvey was a lucky duck!

Catalina Posted Dec 16, 2008
my favorite purchase was a Cornelia Funke's book: Inkheart

Laura Posted Dec 17, 2008
My favorite purchase was my sewing machine

mister eno Posted Dec 17, 2008
Le Bistro. It's a primitive robot that feeds my cat, divorcing him from the notion that humans provide food and that begging helps him get it.

Victoria Posted Dec 17, 2008
Plane tickets to Nice

Jenn Posted Dec 19, 2008
I bought the radest moccasins online. They are pretty much glorified slippers. Yes.

darla arnold Posted Dec 21, 2008
i that i can give to others and a long as i hhave anything to share with others i plan always shearing what i have
merry christmas to you and and a happy new year

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Jessie HaŚr
Jessie HaŚr Posted Oct 2, 2011
My first sketchbook. ever since that hot humid day in august my life has changed forever.


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